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Interior Design Service

This is a personalised Interior Design Service tailored to meet the client's requirements. Offering clients a stress-free and hands-on approach, while guiding their project from Concept to Installation. Clients can benefit from a full range of design and implementation services available.


Regular communication is provided throughout the design process, in the form of meetings, material samples, product options and design visuals, so that the client can confidently visualise how their new design space will be realised.

Living room with teal blue sofa and eucalyptus in a glass vase

- Client consultation & Site survey

- Space planning & Layouts

- Design Concept (Moodboard)

- Design Scheme:

  colours & materials,

  furniture & accessories,

  bespoke cabinetry,

  window treatments

- 3D Visuals (visualising the design)

- Product sourcing:

managing the ordering & delivery process

- Trade / Contractor sourcing

- Installation & Project management

- Home styling, implementing the finishing touches of the design

Design Services Available:

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