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Anita de Villiers - Interior Design Process - Living room sketch


Anita follows a very open and communicative approach in her design process, in order to ensure your needs and expectations are met, and to create your bespoke interior design. Anita’s Design Process has Five Steps to guide your project from concept to implementation:

Anita de Villiers - Client Brief Detail Documents


Design Consultation

After you make contact, we will start the process with a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit before we commence with a full design consultation and client briefing.

Your full project requirements, likes and dislikes, styles and budget, will be discussed during your design consultation. You will be asked to share property plans and any inspirational images you have gathered.

If required, a detailed survey of the site will be performed.


Design Proposal

Next, a proposal detailing your design package, tailored to your project's requirements, will be produced. The design proposal will confirm all your requirements, the scope of the project and contain a breakdown of the design fees.

Anita de Villiers - Interior Design Proposal and Agreement Document
Anita de Villiers - Interior Design Process and Design Development


Design Development

This is where the design work begins, guided by your brief and your tailored design package. An inspirational concept/mood board will be created to ensure your design will move in the right direction.

As your design develops, you will be provided with regular communication, visuals, material samples and product options, so that you can visualise your new design space.

Anita de Villiers - Interior Design Scheme Presentation


Design Presentation & Approval

Once your design is complete, a meeting will be arranged to present all the details of your design scheme. The space layout will be explained, and we will discuss product samples and other specifications.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any minor adjustments to your design scheme. After the final revisions have been made, you will be asked to sign off the design scheme for approval.


Design Document & Implementation

A detailed Design Plan Document, including all product specifications and technical drawings for tradesmen, will be compiled. 

Product sourcing and implementation can now commence. At this stage, you may decide to use my product sourcing service, where you can benefit from a selection of trade discounts, as well as my project management expertise to oversee your project until completion.

Ready to start your Design Journey?

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